Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Top 10 List of Things I look for/like in a man

Because the Bald Guy talked about this on his blog.  And because he told me to make a list. Things I look for in a man:

1) Independent of thought (as much as any of us can be).  If they have not questioned the norms of the environment they grew up in, then they are not for me.
2) Open-minded (not as in sex...don't think that Baldy...I mean, interested in the world and willing to try new things)
3) Intelligent (but definitely not the self-consciously intellectual)
4) Unpretentious - more interested in living life according to their values rather than to impress others (nothing is less attractive to me than a guy who goes into debt for an expensive car and shows off about it - fine to spend a lot on a car if it is your passion, but to impress...don't be an idiot!).
5) Enjoys discovering the world, whether through  travel locally or internationally, or by reading or other means.
6) Nice eyes and smile.  Ok, this is subjective, but to me these are the best reflections of what someone is really like, and those physical attributes that retain appeal beyond the initial stage.
7) Sense of humour.  Not necessarily witty as such, but able to see the humour in everyday life, and make fun of themself.
8) Themselves.  They should know who they are and act it (work situations excused).
9) Kindness and consideration.  Someone who genuinely cares about others and tries their best not to hurt others.  Noone is perfect, but someone who thinks about others and tries.
10) Reasonable body.  Doesn't have to be great (and would not want some gym-obsessed narcissist), but not huuuugely obese or heroin skinny.

I don't care about a great body.  I am not interested in fine dining or 'the finer things in life' (and when I scanned a dating site, felt instant revulsion for the guys who mentioned this).  I don't care about money as long as he can live (am more interested in how someone spends their money than how much they have as spending says more about their values).  Charming...well, if natural it is ok...but if someone tries to be charming, then yuk, I want to vomit.  Dressing - I most like a guy in jeans and tshirt.  Full of thoughtful surprises - I just don't care about the traditional or (to me) cliched romance stuff - to me, it is most romantic to have someone know you and show that in what they do - don't need anything special to make me 'feel like a princess'.

Ok, that is it.  Bald Guy's perfect guy I would not go near.  If you know any fitting my list, please feel free to send them here :D


  1. 4,5,and 9th..these three points .even I give preference to:)

  2. I'm 15. You inspire me to make my list! :O
    Hehhe :P

  3. I believe the list changes ever so often!

  4. Ah, nice to hear Renu - nice to know I am in good company :)

    Hmm Nil, you are too young, back to studies young lady :P Just write it as 'will allow the Wicked Witch and Bald Guy to approve as they are so clever and good'. :D

    Bald Guy...hmmm what sort of that?

    Queen, you are so very right...until not so very long ago I would have chosen aggression over kindness (feeling aggression was more manly)...but now have been converted by the kindest man I know...and seen that kindness makes even more of a man.