Monday, January 18, 2010

Tired and grumpy! Small things that annoy me.

Because I am tired and are the small things that annoy me:

  • People who don't stay on the left when on an escalator (to allow people to pass them)...only takes one sticking stubbornly on the right to halt all 'walking up the escalator traffic'.  Especially when they can see people walking up then come to a stop behind them.  Especially in time critical situations like at the train station.  Grr!
  • Licking fingers to turn pages...woman on train this morning completing a 4 page document licked finger and thumb about 15 times to turn pages...and really not necessary in most cases.  At least try to change pages without it.  Trust me, I have read many newspapers, books and documents and never once had to resort to this.  
  • People with bad earphones for their ipod so that the whole train carriage hears their music (even if not very loud) can you be so oblivious...and doesn't it occur to you that since you can't hear anyone else's music, there must be better earphones out there?  For about 5% of what you paid for your ipod.  Go buy some.  Or turn it down.
  • Noisy eating or chewing with mouth open/talking with food in the mouth.  Doubly annoying if the person's mouth is so bulging with food that even they feel the need to hold a hand in front of their mouth while talking.  Shut up for one minute to eat.  Or go one minute without shoving food in your mouth.  Please!
  • Unreasonably noisy typists - the ones that 'bang' at the keyboard and seem to place an amount of pressure that must take an effort.  No, banging the keys does not help you type faster.  It is especially annoying when that person is just typing yet another whiny email.  Even more annoying if this is pretty much all their work day consists of  (apart from of course having whiny conversations).  
  • Some abbreviations.  Veggies for vegetable.  Chook for chicken.  Brekkie for breakfast.  Bikkie for Biscuit.  I don't know why.  It just annoys me.  I can still remember the beginning of the end in a previously promising relationship being when he told me he was going to cook a chook and veggies for dinner.

I don't know where this photo originated.  But it was the first result I found on google images when I typed in 'grumpy' (was found on the site of someone else who'd found it through google...and I am not going to google more just to find the original original owner.  I am too grumpy for that. 

I really like this pic.  Today it is practically a portrait of me.  So be afraid.  Be very afraid.


  1. licking fingers to turn pages is yucky fr me too!!
    i hate it when ppl do that, especially teachers.
    And talking with mouth full, thats totally grouse!
    and ppl to chew to noisily, i hate them :P

    btw, thats a very cute puppy :D (or is it a kitten? , srry m bad with animals :D)

  2. are so super cute...even if you are a grumpy witch. muah.

  3. What about people making dog ears in books-Ugh I despise that too!

  4. Lmao! Loved this post--duh!
    The kitty is SO cute!!! :D

  5. Staying on LEFT? is there a rule?

    I want to add to eht abbreviation thingy..Enthu for enthusiasm

    good post:)

  6. trialling the use of @. It feels weird...and twitterish (I don't like twitter...there is always one over-tweeter who dominates the whole feed with their hellos, goodbyes, dining details etc etc)

    @almost everyone. It is a puppy not a kitty :D Points to Shimmer for knowing that it may be a puppy :D

    @Shimmer Yay so glad I am not the only one. Sometimes I think I am just an intolerant witch but agreement and affirmation to me :D

    @Bald guy Yes it does...and yes, of course it was correct!! (said in highly indignant tone)

    @Love is green I am are just plotting with the bald guy...the latter part I agree THAT is me :D

    @Queenmatrai Yes, that is extremely annoying, as is eating while reading books and leaving orange juice/crumbs on the pages.

    @ Nil and Sorcerer Thank you :) I am so happy that it wasn't the terribly offensive post that I thought it might be...I am going to feel free to be grumpy and horrid from now whenever the mood strikes (hmm which is usually at work...must start blogging from there :P)

    @Sorcerer It is not a rule, but it is a convention here, and about 98% of the people will always follow it. Standers on the left, walkers on the right (especially important at train stations, where those with 6 minutes to train will stand on the left and those with 1 minute will walk on the right just as fast as they can).

  7. Well, it is a puppy...but maybe I am a shape shifting witch...or a demon who can inhabit any body of my choosing...who knows :D