Thursday, December 24, 2009

What is with the arrogance people?!

Grr...have just had an encounter on my facebook wall that made me was in relation to a status I had posted mentioning the uncertainty of my Thailand trip.  Basically went:
Me: the flight has been looking at other flights
Her:  ' remember: we are all in God's hands'  (ok, nothing offensive about that, expressing their beliefs and trying to be comforting).
Me:  Yay, it has just all be confirmed that will definitely go ahead (irrelevant as she didn't see this)
Her:  'Whatever, thank the Lord for his insight and help - whatever the outcome.'  (ok...still trying to be helpful but really getting into the territory of ramming religion down my throat).  
Me:  'It is all happening.  I am not a Christan though...'  
Her:  'LOL!! Do you really think, that makes a difference for HIM? Reminds me of a dialogue out of "The Shellseekers" by Pilcher between a woman whose father just died and the priest: W: "I'm not even sure if my father believed in God." P: "I wouldn't worry about that. I'm pretty sure, that God believed in him."
Big hug dear Cathy.' 

Now THIS annoyed me replied:  'That is making some big assumptions...I prefer not to assume...I am happy to accept that the world is a mystery largely...and certainly don't believe there is some 'Lord'...I am open to anything...and dislike only the proclamation of knowledge that no human could possibly have...  And I find it very disrespectful to make the assumption that I am basically make the assertion that your beliefs are the correct ones...there are a lot of religions in the world, and a lot of atheists...this in itself is evidence enough that there is no compelling truth known to man...I reserve my right to keep an open mind'.

Now, I really don't care what religion someone is, or if they have one...if they are basically a good person who shows care for other then that is all I need to know...but I do mind when people try to convert others, put other religions down or are arrogant about theirs.  And I have seen a lot of this on facebook and in real life - some from randoms, some from old school friends...things like:
- someone trying to convert me to Christianity in the first online chat I had with them.  
- a tourist in Bali asking some locals (Hindus) 'but have you considered Christianity'
- well, the world as a whole I guess...all those who have gone to various countries and either as missionaries or in the course of their invasion tried to convert the 'heathens'.
- some of the statements of religion in people's 'About Me'...examples:
        * 'There is one God, and only one prophet of God, and it is Jesus Christ'
        * 'Know Jesus, Know Life, No Jesus, No Life'
        * 'Life is not a wheel with many spokes, there is only one way and that is Jesus'.

I just don't understand this arrogance.  And even more, I don't understand why people are so arrogant that they feel the need to express it to others who clearly don't feel the same way, or to those who it may offend.  Grr at them.  Believe what you will...share if you can be respectful...and let others do the same. 

Ok, I feel better now :D


  1. Phew.
    I got worked up along with you.

    Gimme a minute I need to breathe too.


  2. Why do you need to pay so much attention to such people? You are what you are and you believe in what you do believe. Simple. Don't let such weirdos bother you at all.

    Did Air India give in yet? Did you find any other flights?

  3. Oh, thank you Queenmatrai...glad I am not the only one who thinks this is not so good...and if there are two of us, and we are both Geminis, then we must be right :D

    Ramit, these people are actually is this arrogant mindset that has in the past invaded countries, destroyed cultures, and killed. Plus, their whole 'my way is the only true way and I hope one day you may be saved by understanding that' attitude kinda makes me want to punch them. And ahem, please address the Queen more formally...and with great respect and joy to see her here...she is a fellow Gemini you know...

  4. You must immediately de-friend the person in question to prevent any further Bible pushing!!! :-P Sharell

  5. Hehe...perhaps you are evil too :D I must admit, I am a bit of a reckless and impulsive deleter...without this ability to vent she may just have fallen off the list.