Monday, December 7, 2009

Sometimes I wear trackpants to work...

No, I don't work at home...or in a gym...or a shop selling sporting goods...I am an accountant, working in the central business district of my city, in a large government department.  But, sometimes I just can't face the thought of another day in 'work clothes'...and so (if not casual Friday when yay! I get to wear jeans and one of my favourite tops from India) I wear by black bootleg trackpants...they look like normal work clothes (even though they are rather old now )...but they feel so comfortable...and I would say I work better as feel more relaxed and less conscious of my clothes in them.  Here is a photo taken last Thursday by my (appalled, always elegantly dressed and groomed) young workmate...and yes, I took it just for the blog...even though I have been a little busy, I still have good intentions...really...(and of course, when good intentions fail, there is always Ramit :D)

I have always wondered why this need to wear such different clothes to work - the suits, shoes, and (most ridiculous of all in my opinion), the tie.  Clearly, given that very few of us dress like this in our free time, this is not our chosen mode of dress.  And, given that very few of us choose to dress that way when the choice is there, then it seems a little silly that we are all dressing up to impress others who would rather be dressed down too. Yes, I know there are exceptions, as far as both people and also those times when you want  to dress up.  But in general, I really can't see any logic.  And can see logic against  wearing formal clothes to work - such as being more likely to walk to the train, or into town at lunchtime if more suitably attired for it.  Which can only be a good thing in a society which over-eats, under-exercises and is overly reliant on cars.

I have seen a change over the 17 years since I started working...less formal 'formals' - less jackets apparent, which makes sense in our climate - and more trouser/shirt or skirt/blouse combos...and of course the rise of 'Casual Friday' which seems almost universal now.  So, I have hope for the future...for a world where we can wear our Nikes to work and keep them on all day...I will be doing my bit to get there, for sure :D


  1. We have casual Fridays in India too. Well, my wife does. Those pants look like normal pants to me. I cannot make out in the picture that they are track pants.

    Nikes to work? Nah!

  2. I wear pajamas to work sometimes :D I agree though - I can't tell they aren't dress pants

  3. Yes, that is the beauty :D The shape and lack of stripe makes them most convincing...I am going to wear them tomorrow... And Nikes to work would be great - all the better to walk fast and comfortably - I walk for 20-40 minutes each day at work because of train, going to town etc...but it would be an extra 20 minutes every day if i had Nikes on...

    I am soooo jealous of pyjamas!!! How do you do that?? I really want to wear pjs to they are the only cool (ie having mickey mouse or tinkerbell on them or wild patterns) grownup clothes!

  4. Ermm, you still dunno what the tie is actually for?

    It's to choke ourselves, once we realise how little our jobs actually matter.

    P.s - thanks for dropping by.

  5. If one could be comfortable in what they wore.. wouldn't they work better...? If any work doesn't include interaction with customers.. I guess they should allow people to choose what they wear.

    That track pants look pretty awesome! Who can make out the difference. ;)

  6. Monty - Ha, that is the only possible justification I can see. Although surely we already all know how little our jobs matter? (well aside from nurses etc of course).

    Sameera - that is totally what I think. I know that when I wear my Reeboks I actually feel more energetic. And of course more comfortable and happier. Being at work is way more pleasant. So I am inclined to stay longer. I think I need more power so I can make it 'casual dress every day'...and then of course rule the world so I can make it free choice every day. And thank you...that is what I think...bootleg trackpants are the best!

  7. I'm with you about wearing PJ's to work with Tinkerbell on them. How cute and comfy!

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